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DUIMAR is a young and dynamic company in constant growth, with an expanding pool of clients in different countries asking for cutting-edge solutions for their business. They can profit on what we offer them: reliability, experience, and credibility. From the design to the realization stage, we help our clients make their constructions in a better, more efficient, and more secure way. Trust us!

What Really Matters

DUIMAR was established nearly five years ago. Since that moment, what matters most for us has been: INNOVATION. This is what drives us, it is our passion and our secret DNA.

_INNOVATION on the Market

Only by being familiar with the specific needs, the peculiarity, and the constructive methods of the clients’ local realities, one can in fact understand the challenges a given project poses. Hence, our clients can always count on a quick and comprehensive support for their projects. From the simplest residential building to the more complex projects, such as stadiums or bridges, up to the tallest tower in the world: this is the global force on which DUIMAR’s clients can count, wherever they are.

_INNOVATION at Construction Sites

In the complex reality of daily life at a construction site, three are the things that matter most: efficiency, safety, and handiness. Only those who know exactly what goes on at a construction site are able to provide the best and most suitable tools for any specific request.


Each project is divided in different parts, from design to the finalization stage. To be involved in a project since its earliest stage means to be able to better understand it and improve its level of efficiency. We are able to work along with our clients in any moment of the setting-up of forms, as we can provide products, services, project design and management, and logistic services: all you need from a single provider! Only few other companies can offer what we are offering you!

The Secret to Success is a Perfect Project Management

In order to ensure the best possible realization of a project in all its stages, DUIMAR project management guides the clients through the project different phases, including its development, the decision-making process, its preparation, and final realization.

_INNOVATION for the Future

To look ahead of us is, in some ways, our nature. We are never completely satisfied with what we have done so far and are always looking for new solutions for our clients. This is why we invest time and money in order to offer our clients even better services.

Research & Innovation

DUIMAR Formwork

DUIMAR Galvanized Steel Formwork:
- Galvanized steel stretched and carved sheet
- Reduced labor costs
- Visual inspection of casting
- Light sheets

Steel/Plywood Formwork

This formwork has been manufactured with high resistance, in order to meet exact standards of quality. Rugged steel frames are robotically welded for consistent strength and fit across all types of panels…

Prefabricated Units

Concrete Blocks


DUIMARTHERM® is a patented ventilated cladding system made of a special reinforced coating rib, DUIMAR METAL-RIB®, and an anchorage kit, so to create a naturally ventilated cavity between the insulating coating of the wall and the plaster…

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